A family run
Micro Distillery

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Reinventing History

Our goal at Tullamaine Distillery is to breathe new life into our historic family barn by producing high-quality spirits using barley grown on the farm.

We will begin by refurbishing the buildings on the farm, obtaining the licences for the distilling operation, refining the distillation operations. We plan to begin production in the near future on the family farm.

Looking to the Future

We will produce a high-strength, unaged whiskey spirit straight from our stills using the water from our nearly 200 year old well. The whiskey will be aged on our family farm, right in the heart of the Golden Vale.

our story

At Tullamaine, we create authentic, quality products handcrafted on our century old family farm. Giving back to the land that we work with is at the core of all we do.

the tullamaine story
the tullamaine story

Our Process

Our family run micro distillery is located just outside the village of Rosegreen. Utilising our DeBarra farm, our handcrafted Gin will be lovingly produced in our reinvented hay barn.

Learn our process
Learn our process

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